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Terms and Conditions Bovelander & Bovelander B.V.

Terms and conditions of Bovelander & Bovelander . Bovelander & Bovelander : the BV Bovelander & Bovelander located in Haarlem. Client: the natural or legal person who enters into an agreement with Bovelander & Bovelander . Participant: the natural person who pursuant to the Agreement between Bovelander & Bovelander and client uses the services of Bovelander & Bovelander. Registration form: this form is part of the website "" of Bovelander & Bovelander or a form that was sent by Bovelander & Bovelander . Agreement: an agreement between Bovelander & Bovelander and client to provide services that are carried out by Bovelander & Bovelander. Kampsom : the total amount of money that has to be payed by the client to Bovelander & Bovelander to provide services (according to the agreement) including VAT

These Terms and Conditions apply to all offers made by Bovelander & Bovelander , order confirmations and subsequent or related agreements or other agreements.
In case of conflict between the provisions of the General Conditions and / or provisions of the Agreement, the latter shall prevail.

Conclusion of the Agreement
The agreement is established by written notification or digital means the Application Form on by the client to Bovelander & Bovelander. Bovelander & Bovelander reserves the right to put participants on a waiting list when the maximum number of participants as in the brochure listed is exceeding. Participants are placed on the waiting list in order that is based on the entry date of the application.

Payment must be made within 21 days of receipt of the confirmation of Bovelander & Bovelander.
In case of a reservation 3 weeks or less before the start of camp , payment must be made ​​within 7 days of receipt of the confirmation
When payment is not made in time, the client is in default and Bovelander & Bovelander reserves itself the right to cancel the contract and the client is liable for cancellation charges as stated in the section Cancellation of these Terms and Conditions.

Upon cancellation of the agreement, each participant will be charged the following fees:
Upon cancellation of the agreement to 8 weeks before the start of the camp, the Customer ows Bovelander & Bovelander 10 % of the entire Kampsom.
Upon cancellation of the agreement until 3 weeks before the start of the camp, the Customer ows Bovelander & Bovelander 25 % of the entire Kampsom .
Upon cancellation of the agreement less then 3 weeks before the start of the camp is the client ows Bovelander & Bovelander the whole Kampsom.
In case of cancellation the participant is entitled to do ask another person in his place. € 25.00 administration fee will then be charged.
The customer can redeem the cancellationrisk at a fee of 5% of the entire Kampsom and € 2.00 handling fee per participant , see chapter redemption penalty .

Instructions and rules of conduct
The participant must comply with all reasonable instructions Bovelander & Bovelander in the context of the implementation of the agreement. The participant must also respect the rules of conduct of Bovelander & Bovelander during their stay at accommodations under the Agreement. The participant who causes great inconvenience in a way that a good performance of the agreement by Bovelander & Bovelander is hampered greatly, can be ruled out by the camp Bovelander & Bovelander. All resulting costs and damages shall be borne by the Participant and also the participant is not entitled to repayment of the 'Kampsom'.

Liability Bovelander & Bovelander
Except damage caused by intent or gross negligence of Bovelander & Bovelander , Bovelander & Bovelander is not liable for any damage of the client and / or the participant , including, but not exhaustive : personal belonings that are or are not deposited to the staff of Bovelander & Bovelander resulting from theft, loss or damage to (valuable) items belonging to the participants.

Liability client
The client is liable for all damages for Bovelander & Bovelander and / or any third party / party as a direct or indirect result of a breach - breach of the code included here - committed by the Participant. The client will keep Bovelander & Bovelander harmless against claims of third parties for compensation of damage arising out of or relating to the use of the participant of facilities and / or services under the agreement.

Force Majeure / Modification / Cancellation Bovelander & Bovelander
If Bovelander & Bovelander due to force majeure wholly or partly cannot fulfill the obligations under the Agreement, Bovelander & Bovelander is entitled to a to provide equivalent alternative (judges by Bovelander & Bovelander) without judicial intervention in whole or partially dissolve to do, without being obliged to pay any compensation to the client.
Force majeure also means insufficient applications for participation in the camp. This is the case if the number of entries is less than 70% of the maximum number of participants per camp as stated in the Bovelander & Bovelander brochure.

Lost and Found
Found objects are kept after the camp three weeks Bovelander & Bovelander . After the expiry of this period Bovelander & Bovelander is entitled to transfer these items to an organization of their choice .

Insurance participant
Client and / or participant is required for the participant a travel accident insurance, preferably with a comprehensive sports coverage, during the period of the camp.
Applicable law and disputes
The Agreement and all agreements arising from exclusively Dutch law. Any disputes that may arise in connection with the Agreement or ensuing agreements between the parties shall be settled by the competent judge of the district court in Haarlem.

Redemption cancellation risk
It is possible to buy off the cancellation risk at a fee of 5% of the entire 'Kampsom' (plus € 2.00 processing fee) , this can be done up to 10 days after enrollment , but not later than 7 days before the camp starts.
Payment will be granted only if canceled prior to the camp if there is any of the following circumstances:
- Death, serious illness or serious injury of the Participant, relatives/ in the 1st or 2nd degree or roommates of the Participant.
- Medically necessary surgery which Participant or cohabiting partner may undergo unexpectedly .
- An injury such that the participant can not participate in any way to the hockey activities. In this case the presentation of a doctor's certificate is required.
Benefits shall be provided on the basis of a proportional fee of the 'Kampsom' on the whole number unused days if the Participant during the camp, only when the participant needs to stop or interrupt the camp due to illness , accident, or serious injury hit.

Bovelander & Bovelander not provide cover in the event of damage directly or indirectly related to acts of war, including armed conflict, civil war , insurrection, riot, rebellion , mutiny and terror.