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Our Teamspirit 

At Bovelander, we are committed to building a team you can rely on. Without one, there’s no victory in winning. Our camp philosophy is all about being in a strong team that always has your back — both in training sessions as in the matches you play. Teambuilding and technique training go hand in hand. That’s why we incorporate an elaborate social program for our hockey camps. Having close team friendships is equally crucial to having your head in the game. 

Building Blocks for Our Teambuilding

One does not play hockey alone but in a strong team. Winning is much more fun if you do it as a team. Because of this, we, at Bovelander, pay a right amount of attention to team spirit. Fun games and team activities form the building blocks for our teambuilding. Our trainers sprinkle a good deal of creativity on the teambuilding exercises they believe work best. You’ll get to know each other in no-time and understand why we make our hockey and fun consolidation. We put friendship first because we believe friendship is the foundation for team spirit. On top of that, we also focus on the individual aspect. It's what our trainers do best. 

The Great Bovelander Hockey Players 

With trainers that eat, sleep and breathe hockey, one can only expect the best when it comes to a good vibe and the most excellent techniques during our hockey camps. Most of them enjoyed Bovelander Hockey Camps multiple times. They know exactly how to share our unique team and camp spirit. Their talent and creativity are limitless. Ever since we established Bovelander in 1996, the group of hockey league players and (former) Internationals has only expanded. These professionals make sure every camp is an unforgettable experience. 

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