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Bovelander Ethics

All employees of Bovelander, regardless oftheir position, have agreed to the Bovelander code of ethics before the start of their contract.

Why Bovelander Ethics

A code of ethics is a formal document with guidelines and rules, which we follow in our organization. The code of ethics describes the boundaries and rules with regards to the relationship between facilitators and participants to prevent undesirable behaviour and acts. This code also highlights how unacceptable baheviour should be dealt with. The purpose of the code of ethics is to assure the welfare and safety of all children and staff during any Bovelander event. Whether someone breaks the law or not, can not be answered by using this code only. The Code provides no protection against prosecution who adheres strictly to the letter of it. Nor can anyone not only on the grounds of violating the provisions of the Code of Conduct be held legally punishable. Complying with or have violating this Code of Conduct however, can be relied upon in legal proceedings, and, depending on the circumstances, as exculpatory or incriminating factor be considered in the judgment.

Criminal record and good conduct certificate

In addition to signing the Bovelander ethics we require everyone who is part of the staff in a Bovelander event to notify the Bovelander organization about any criminal history. We apprecite staff to submit a certificate of good conduct to Bovelander & Bovelander.

What to do when the conduct is being infringed by someone?

A companion set an example. We as Bovelander & Bovelander need to take action when we see inappropriate behavior. Also when a parent/caregiver sees inpropriate behavior, we would like measures to be taken.

What are the possible steps?

- Appeal to the person on his behavior
- Tell the Bovelander staff at the event about the behavior of this person 
- Inform the Bovelander office via telephone 023-5410330 or e-mail: 
- Notify the police (in consultation with the victim) if a criminal offense is committed.

Welfare officer

In some cases, a confidential advice to victims about possible steps to follow is desirable. In that case, please contact Jeroen Bovelander: telephone: +31 (0)23-5410330 or e-mail: