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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bovelander office always open?

During hockey camps we are always available and reachable 24/7 for emergencies.

How many staff members are present at each camp?

We always strive for one supervisor per seven children. In many cases, this is even a supervisor per five children.

Can children bring their phone to camp?

Because social media is not indispensable to the youth and it can also have lots of fun effects, we decided that children can bring a mobile phone on the Bovelander hockey camps. But there are limitations: At regular intervals, one may make use of their mobile phone, however, n not while eating and on the pitch. Every day we allow some telephone time for taking and sharing photos.

What is the background of our staff?

Our staff can deal well with children and has an active role in a hockey club . Many coaches have been a participant in the hockey camps and know very well what kids like . In addition, the staff is selected and trained by ourselves in order to pass on the great campvibes and trainings.

Are the children classified by age, ability or friendish groups?

We always look at the individual needs of the children. It can be indicated on the registration form who they want in the group with. If there is no preference indicated, we will divide the children as much as possible on level and age. If in the course of the camp it becomes apparent that they are not in the right group , we can always switch the participant to the desired group.

Do boys and girls sleep seperately?

During all our camps, boys and girls sleep separately. The children do sleep in the same tented village, however girls sleep in girls tents and boys in the boys tents. The staff sleeps seperately from the participants, but they are always in close proximity in case of emergencies. Also each night two staffmembers are night-officer at the tented village to take care of the children. 

Are alcoholic beverages allowed?

It is not allowed to bring or drink any alcoholic beverages during the camp.

Is smoking allowed?

It is not allowed to take any cigarettes or other smokeware to the camp, or to smoke.

Can you cater for my child's specific dietry needs?

Sure we can! We are happy to facilitate for everyone and by that we mean also children whom are vegetarian, have dietry whishes, have medical conditions that need extra care or children whom haev allergies. Please do let us know in advance. You can indicate special whishes with regards to food & beverages on the registration form.

My child has specific needs, can you help them during the camp?

With pleasure! Children with special features such as ADHD, autism , asthma or other medical conditions can participate in our camps. Please be clear to indicate this at the registration form. For children whom need a conciderable amount of individual attention, it is advised to contact the Bovelander office in advance: 023-5410330 (international: 0031235410330)

Do children apply solo?

Most of them do! A considerable amount of children apply solo, some join with friends. Nevertheless, our hockeycamps are constituted in a way that everyone from the beginning get to know each other. Furthermore, we host a large array of games and social activities in which the children have plenty of time to have fun with each other and interact. 


If your question and answer is not amongst the above, we are very happy to answer you question in person. Please call or e-mail us and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

Office number: +31-235410330
Mobile number: +31-611046867