Hockey Fun Clinic

Bovelander Hockeyfunclinic

Bovelander & Bovelander care for the youth of 10 to 12 years of the club and a great hockey game program.

Most important is that all the children and the club have an unforgettable day, with a lot of hockey and fun.

Fun clinic consists of half hockey drills and half games of mixed with hockey. So the children will have great fun, only to learn a trick from a Topper, to slip a ball from the cannon balls in and play a game in the Bovelander inflatable arena!

Bovelander a coordinator and two Bovelander trainers will ensure that the day will run smoothly and that all children have an unforgettable afternoon!

Customisation: Each clinic requires customization and each club has specific needs.

To request a quote for a clinic please call 023-5410330 or mail to