B&B Hockey Carnival


Bovelander & Bovelander care for the youngest youth (6 to 9 years) over a two-hour spectacle.

The Bovelander Hockey Carnival we teach the youth enthusiastically and playfully hockey. Most important is that all the children and the club have an unforgettable day, with a lot of hockey and fun.

The Bovelander Hockey Carnival consists of games mixed with hockey. There is the hockey shuffleboard, lots of shooting, Hockey Bowling, catch the hockey stick, a Hockey Obstacle course, but also an inflation arena which you can play hockey in! A Bovelander coordinator and two Bovelander trainers will ensure that the day runs smoothly and that all children have an unforgettable afternoon!


Each clinic requires customization and each club has specific needs.
To request a quote for a clinic please call 023-5410330 or mail to info@bovelander.nl