Playing indoor hockey during the Bovelander Indoor Hockey Camp

 The Bovelander indoor hockey camp is a special two-day hockey camp for all children aged 7-10 years old who would like to play some indoor hockey before the new year starts. The days begin at 9:00 am and at 16:30 everyone goes home to rest and be back on energy recharge for the next day. This hockey camp is only once a year and there are 40 places available! The courses are specially made by Robert Tigges (captain and world champion of indoor hockey). These courses are entirely dedicated to the indoor hockey especially so bring along your indoor hockey stick. Classes are taught by our special Bovelander indoor hockey coaches. Besides all the hockey there is of course some time to chill. The Bovelander trainers are going to make two great days of which you will never forget!

What will we do?

  • Nice and interesting training under the guidance of our Bovelander indoor hockey coaches
  • Meet & greet and a clinic from a world champion indoor hockey
  • Play really fun games, sing songs and go crazy under the guidence of the leadership staff

More information

 •    Everyone will get a special Bovelander shirt
•    Tasty lunch, sandwiches and warm snacks
•    Make lots of new friends!

For who?

Perfect for anyone who is 7 to 10 years old ad would like to play indoor hockey with their friends. The camp is only once a year and there are only 40 places availible, once we are full = we are full! So make sure you book now!

Where is it?

In the beautiful sports hall in OVERVEEN (near Bloemendaal) at Tetterodeweg 15.