School Hockey & Sports Lessons

School hockey & Sports lessons

Did you know we also specialize in providing school hockey training?

For many years we have provided clinics to sports classes of the RSG Slingerbos and we have now in collaboration with the Northgo College in Noordwijk coined the 'Hockey Experience'. The 'Hockey Experience' is a block of four training sessions where the children are being tested in the first hour of the first practice on their qualities. Then, it is trained in a didactic manner 4 weeks and is again tested in the last week in order to show the progress of the group!

During these clinics and Hockey Experience all aspects of the hockey discussed. Defend, attack, midfield play, special techniques, the standard techniques and the basics are all included in the package.

Interesting for your school? We will provide a tailored package.

Please feel free to contact Kim van Leeuwen. or 023-5410330