ABN AMRO and Bovelander & Bovelander have together launched the ABN AMRO clinic!

What is an ABN AMRO hockey clinic:

At this clinic there are activities on the field but also in the clubhouse! On the field there is a training of two hours including the ABN AMRO inflatable equipment and the Panna Cage for a one on one duel.   Afterwards the clinic, matches will be played in the ABN AMRO inflatable arena, together with elite players  including at least one Dutch International who will teach you the latest techniques. After the clinic you can ask the international the ins and outs! How many caps he or she already has? When was their debut, etc?

Who can join?

All children (between 5- 15 years ) that can hockey or would like to discover this amazing sport.

How to register?

In order to register, please click the blue sign-up button on the right.