ABN AMRO Testcenter

ABN AMRO Testcenter

In addition to the already existing and very successful ABN AMRO hockey clinics, there is now the ABN AMRO Test Center. The Test Center consists of a series of exercises in which the children are tested on ball skills, agility, reaction speed, leg strength and sprinting speed. All the factors that needed to be a real winner! The different teams, but also report individual players joined the Test Center and get an ABN AMRO scorecard to record the results. It takes about one hour to complete the testing and in each part is guidance available.

Unlike hockey clinics, at the test center it is not essential to have a astro turf field, which today is often a limiting factor. The Test Center is ideally suited to put it down next to the clubhouse as decoration of an action or activity sponsor. Test Center can also be used in clinics over two hundred children as an additional part of the standard ABN AMRO hockey clinic. The Bovelander & Bovelanderteam (consisting of two people) will build up throughout the Test Center and provide the instruction to the assistants of the club (six people).

Together with ABN AMRO coordinator and club coordinator will be the precise details are determined in advance. This is very suitable as activity during: a tournament, an open day, a sponsor activity or as an "Add-on" to a standard hockey clinic or just a an extra bit of fun on a Saturday. Suitable for all ages!

Customisation: Each clinic requires customization and each club has specific needs. To request a quote for a clinic please call 023-5410330 or mail to clinics@bovelander.nl

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