Drag Flick Clinic

Drag FLick Clinic

Bovelander & Bovelander in collaboration with Sleeppush.nl developed a great dragflick clinic! We give special attention to the penalty corner. The special drag flick tables ensure you learn the correct technique eliminating the risk of injury.

The newly developed drag flick table makes learning, especially for the young players, physically less stressful, easier and above all, more fun! the touch bar is really great, perhaps you could become the new Mink van der Weerden or Maartje Paumen be with you at the club around!

In addition to the technique of the drag will also be much attention be paid to the footwork, and the different methods.

The dragflick clinic is suitable for thirty participants to which there are two Bovelander trainers and a drag flick specialist from the top leagues.

The clinic can be extended on demand for more participants

Customisation: Each clinic can be customised for each club's has specific needs.

To request a quote for a clinic please call 023-5410330 or mail to info@bovelander.nl