Program Ultimate Beach & Hockey Camp 

We play hockey every day at the Ultimate Beach & Hockey Camp. Several training sessions alternate hockey challenges and rounds of the Bovelander Hockey League. The challenges vary from keepy-uppy to best scoop and the drag flick. Our experienced trainers teach you new techniques, tricks, and tactics at the training sessions. Integrate these immediately in your skillset and surprise your opponents in the tournament. We play a daily round of the Bovelander Hockey League tournament. Exciting finals are on the last day: both for the hockey challenges and the big tournament. Challenge yourself and your teammates at the training sessions and the tournament!

Hockey Training Sessions

We focus on hockey in the mornings. Our Bovelander trainers breathe hockey and show you every corner of the sport. They joined a Bovelander Hockey Camp multiple times themselves. They love to share their enthusiasm for their favorite game and camp. Besides, they have some cool techniques, surprising tricks and clever tactics up their sleeves! Learn to hockey like a pro from the hockey masters themselves!

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Team spirit program

Hockey is the ultimate team sport if you ask us. That’s precisely why we put up an elaborate social program for our hockey camps. A strong team is a team that always got your back! We spend our afternoons and evenings having quality-team-mate-time. On the beach, we go rafting, surfing, and stand-up-peddling. Shine on the stage with your best hockey friends at the open mic night. Show each other some hidden moves at the silent disco party.

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Our hockey camps always start on Sunday at 1.00 pm and after an impressive week full of hockey, games, new friends and the best memories, the camp ends on Saturday at 3.30 pm. From Monday to Friday the global program is as follows:

8.30 am Wake up, the best musical hits blast from the speakers when you start your day.
9.00 am Breakfast time! Of course, you start your day well with a nice breakfast.
9.30 am It's time to play hockey.
0.30 pm Lunch time. 
1.00 pm After lunch you can go back on the field for a nice afternoon of training, or you will have the beach activities.
5.00 pm Some time for yourself or send a message to your parents? During the free hour you decide what you want to do.
6.30 pm A tasty pasta, chicken curry or a well-filled Mexican wrap, every evening there is a different meal on the menu.
7.30 pm Be surprised by the evening program, because every day our staff comes up with cool games or other activities.

PS. Of course, a relaxing movie night and a smashing party with silent disco cannot be missed in the program.